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Member of Parliament Commits to Promoting Grassroots Sports Development

Promising a Bright Future: Parliamentarian Vows to Bolster Grassroots Sports Development for a Thriving Community

by charles chimbewa

Tony Ngalande Vows to Support Grassroots Sports Development in Balaka North

Tony Ngalande, the Member of Parliament for Balaka North, has pledged his commitment to promoting various sporting disciplines at the grassroots level in order to nurture the talents of young individuals. Ngalande made this promise during the finals of the ‘Tony Ngalande Bonanza,’ a tournament organized in Sub-Traditional Authority Chimatiro, Balaka, where teams from the area competed in football and netball.

Impressed by the remarkable talent showcased during the Bonanza, Ngalande expressed his determination to provide further support and opportunities for the youth to pursue their dreams in sports. He urged sports coaches and administrators to consider the talented individuals from the area when scouting for athletes in different sporting activities.

The initiative received praise from Amos Donda, the head coach of Chikwakwa football club, who commended Ngalande for his efforts in keeping the youth physically active and discouraging engagement in immoral behaviors.

Ngalande’s commitment to supporting grassroots sports development in Balaka North demonstrates his dedication to empowering the local community and providing opportunities for young athletes to thrive in their chosen sports.

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