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YAS Urges Government to Address Human Rights Violations in Refugee Allocation Exercise.

by Angaliba
Youth and Society YAS has asked the government to consider it’s re-allocation exercise of refugees and asylum
seekers in the country to prevent violations of human rights.
This was said on Sunday 5th November in Lilongwe during the public dialogue on the affairs of Refugees and Asylum seekers in Malawi.
Executive Director for *YAS* Charles Kajoloweka said many concerns were raised over the allocation exercise mainly humanitarian crisis that the allocation has created.
“Dzaleka refugees camp was established to host to twelve thousand refugees, at the moment it has over fifty thousand refugees which gives a pressure on basic needs”, Kajoloweka said.
He also said that ,there are human rights violations within the camp such as extortion and robbery by refugees and asylum seekers.
“We encourage the embark on roll forms to ensure we align to refugees laws with the constitution which bill of rights”, Kajoloweka added.
Speaking on the same Hilda Kawusiwa, senior operations manager in the department of refugees has asked other stakes holders to assist the government to ensure that the resources are available to improve environment of refugees.
During the relocation exercise many cases also recorded,some include officers demanding money from refugees and rape among others. Matchona Phiri, is an advocacy officer and he said laws are in place and government needs activate to deal with violations and cases.
The dialogue was to provide solutions focused platform to various stakeholders and the public on critical matters concerning refugees and asylum seekers in Malawi.
Reported by Misheck Kauma – Lilongwe

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