Home National Investigation into UTM Party Vehicle Purchase Faces Prolonged Delays.

Investigation into UTM Party Vehicle Purchase Faces Prolonged Delays.

Concerns Mount as Investigation into UTM Party Vehicle Purchase Faces Lengthy Delays.

by Blessings Kaimila

Investigation into Alleged UTM Party Vehicle Purchase Still Ongoing, ACB Director General Confirms

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has revealed that their investigation into the alleged purchase of 44 UTM Party vehicles, which was initiated over a year ago, is still ongoing. ACB Director General Martha Chizuma confirmed this in a brief response, stating that they are still in the process of conducting the investigation. However, she did not provide specific details regarding the progress made since the investigation began in May 2022.

The ACB launched the probe following two complaints filed by Gosten Chinsewu, who raised concerns about the funding source for the 44 vehicles that he claimed were acquired by the party through contractor Khwesi Msusa, an alleged UTM Party sympathizer. The investigation also took place amid calls for a broader examination of the party’s alleged procurement of 200 vehicles. However, the UTM Party clarified that they had only purchased 11 vehicles for their legislators.

Willy Kambwandira, the Executive Director of the Centre for Social Accountability and Transparency, expressed concern over the delays in the investigation. He urged the ACB to expedite their inquiries, emphasizing that further delays could undermine public trust and confidence in the bureau. Kambwandira stressed the importance of the ACB providing regular updates on the investigation’s status to avoid any doubts about its independence and to meet the public’s expectations.

Both Khwesi Msusa and former UTM Party spokesperson Frank Mwenifumbo refrained from commenting on the matter, citing the ongoing ACB investigation. As the investigation continues, stakeholders and the public eagerly anticipate the ACB’s findings and hope for transparency and accountability in this case.

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