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Embrace reforestation.

by Alex Splendor Ngulube

Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change Michael Usi has urged communities to adopt reforestation initiatives as a solution to combat deforestation in hills and forests across the country.

Speaking on Sunday during a meeting with two volunteer groups involved in the conservation of Ndirande Hill in Blantyre, he highlighted that the

government is working towards ensuring cost-effective alternative energy options are accessible to a majority of Malawians.

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According to Usi, the country is dealing with a serious problem of cutting down trees for charcoal for energy and there’s need to find alternatives so that the malpractice should be curbed.  

He said in dealing with this the ministry has a partnership with Raiply Malawi Limited to address this objective, and are pleased to acknowledge their significant contribution of K5 million to support the groups and facilitate the operations involved in this effort.

Usi said the initiative will play a crucial role in restoring the forest cover which said Ndirande Hill has lost over the years.

Raiply Malawi general manager Swastick Shetty said his company remains committed to supporting the government in its efforts to preserve and protect the environment.

He said: the company is no exception, as they recognize the economic value that trees bring and use them as their raw material but the difference is they make reforestation and manage plantations and

make sure that whatever has been cut down is planted back.

Chairperson of Njanja Group Wezi Mwase appealed to the residents of Ndirande to stop the practice of tree cutting and encroaching the hill.

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