by Alex Splendor Ngulube

Group Village Headman (GVH) Mawawa of Santhe in Kasungu says incidences of corruption at both higher and lower levels of governance poses a threat to the aspirations enlisted in the country’s 2063 Vision (Mw2063).

He was speaking at Chankhozi in Traditional Authority Santhe on Wednesday during a day-long training for community leaders on pillars of good governance and the Malawi 2063 vision organised by National Initiative for Civic Education (Nice) Trust.
“We have a well-articulated plan that can end this poverty we see in the country. My worry is that there is too much corruption even at lower levels of governance which threatens the realisation of this dream.

“When dealing with corruption, our eyes are always on those at Capital Hill and politicians. But we need to also pay serious attention to the conduct of leaders at lower levels of governance because that is where corruption starts,” Mawawa said.

He said the 2063 agenda is a realistic plan that can easily be achieved if Malawians work together and develop a positive attitude towards work.

“Adam and Eve were put in the Garden of Eden to take care of it so that it also supports their living.

Likewise, today, if we are in positions at whatever level, we must remember the reasons why we are in those positions. We must always do the right thing.

“If we work together; if we stop living in doubt; if we stop politicking, we will achieve our 2063 agenda. We must be positive,” he said.

In an interview, National Planning Commission Public Relations and Communications Manager, Thom Khanje, said the Malawi 2063 Vision document acknowledges that there is corruption in the country and that it recommends interventions for addressing the same.

“Fighting corruption is one of the tenets of the Malawi 2063 under Enabler number two which talks about having effective governance systems and institutions,” he stated.

Khanje further said the vision document calls for efforts to promote openness and transparency, and enhances demand for accountability to curb corruption.

Nice Civic Education Officer for Kasungu, Pilirani Chaguza, said the realisation of the 2063 Agenda is the responsibility of everyone, including those living in rural communities.

He said: “Malawi 2063 is not a government project. Everyone has some space and role to play so that the envisioned aspirations are realised. It is a guide for everyone.”

Nice is engaging communities on good governance and mindset change with funding from government in a quest to graduate the country from being a low-income and donor-dependent country to a wealthy middle-income and self-reliant nation

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