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The Embassy of Ireland in Malawi, UN Women, and the Malawi government have joined forces to launch an empowering initiative known as ‘Malawi Girls Can Code Too’ in Lilongwe.
Speaking at the launch, Dr. Rachael Chimbwete Phiri, Principal Secretary for Basic Education in the Ministry of Education, commended UN Women and the Irish Government for their dedication to this project.
“The Irish Embassy and UN Women signed an agreement on July 19, 2023, setting the stage for the implementation of this initiative from August 2023 to July 2024. This underscores the value of teamwork in addressing persistent digital inequalities in our society,” she remarked.
Chimbwete Phiri also emphasized the significance of inclusivity in achieving Malawi’s Vision 2063, stating, “technology is the driving force behind innovation, economic growth, and global progress in an ever-changing world. To fully participate in the digital revolution, we must empower every segment of our population.”
Ambassador Séamus O’Grady, representing the Irish Embassy, underscored the Irish Government’s strong commitment to promoting gender equality in Malawi.
“In Ireland, we firmly believe that gender equality is crucial for overall development.
Addressing gender inequality is a pivotal component of our strategy for Malawi. We have deliberately sought ways to support women, and this initiative is one of them,” he said.
During the event, UN Women Country Representative to Malawi Letty Chiwara explained that the project’s central aim is to bridge the gender digital divide.
“Statistics reveal that men in Malawi have better internet access and computer skills than women. Approximately 17% of Malawian men possess internet skills, while only 7% of women do,” she explained.
This is a four-year project, targeting 6,500 young girls and 1,500 boys and funded by the Irish Embassy to a tune of €2 million (over K2 billion)

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