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Malawi Posts Corporation (MPC) says the organisation is still relevant despite the coming in of new technology, stressing that the corporation has been diversifying services as part of its turnaround strategy.
MPCs Head of Public Relations, Ida Nkolimbo, said this today as countries worldwide are celebrating World Post Day that falls on 9th October every year.
Nkolimbo said everything aimed at keeping the company afloat amid technological advancements that have rendered posting mail almost obsolete is going on well.
“The purpose of World Post Day is to bring awareness of the Post’s role in the everyday lives of people and businesses, as well as its contribution to global social and economic development.
“I just want to remind all people that Post Office was there, is there and shall be there always assisting people. We have reliable courier working day and night. Bring letters and everything to us and shall be delivered to exact place,” said Nkolimbo.
She gave an example of MPC courier, saying it is doing a very good job and has since commended the public for trusting MPC with the business, adding this is broadening the companys revenue base.
In a separate interview, Lloyd Thomas, who is a teacher at St Andrews International Primary School, said MPC continues to play a key role in delivery of social services, emphasizing some of the services being offered cannot be easily replaced by digital services.
“There are some services that are a must that cannot go digital. For example, parcels or movement of mail to rural communities where the levels of managing or understanding the internet and use of digital gadgets is very minimal.
“We are here today at MPC for education visit with the learners. We taught them about communication using letters and decided to visit so that they can understand the process and what happens behind the scene. This only tells us that post offices are still relevant,” said Thomas.
The theme for this years World Post Day is “Together for trust: collaborating for a safe and connected future

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