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President Lazarus Chakwera has directed that every first Thursday of November is Umodzi Day, a day Malawians should celebrate peace and unity.
Chakwera made the directive Thursday at Chilimampunga Ground in Mtandire, Lilongwe during the commemoration of the Umodzi Day.
The President said the day will be celebrated by promoting Malawian things, such as fabric,
food, languages, dances, arts, inventions, and other Malawian attractions.
“Going forward, this is to be a day for remembering Malawian history and teaching the young the values of Malawian culture and promoting peace.
“This is also why we have chosen peace as the theme for this Umodzi Day, for this is to be a day for remembering that peace must be promoted, not taken for granted,” said Chakwera.
He said in his pursuit of fostering unity in the country, government is implementing one of the pillars in his Super High 5 agenda and Malawi 2063 which aims at uniting Malawians.
“This is the vision I have been in pursuit for the past three years by going to every region of the country to remind every citizen occupying every district of Malawi, including far places like Likoma Island, that they are all part of this country and that they matter to its development.
“I have graced every cultural celebration as truly Malawian and have welcomed every religious and political grouping as having a stake in our national development,” Chakwera continued.
He then called on political, cultural, religious and corporate leaders to use their voices and platforms to promote peace instead of instigating Malawians towards resentment, division, and disrespect, saying as leaders and citizens, everyone has a responsibility to be peacemakers.
Speaking at the same function, Local Government, Unity and Culture Minister Richard Chimwendo Banda said commemoration of Umodzi Day does not mean an end to other cultural gatherings in the country.
“We commend the president for allowing us to commemorate the Umodzi Day, which seeks to unite all Malawians irrespective of religious, tribal and political affiliations.
“The gathering here signifies that we are a united people, and there is no need for us to practice tribalism and divisions in the country.
As a ministry, we have established district peace commission to ensure coexistence between people of all values,” Chimwendo Banda said.

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